Commit 4c87877e authored by Nico Eckes's avatar Nico Eckes

Fix wrong chest reference

parent 5ea17c9d
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......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ public class Menus {
items.add(new MenuEntry(backItem, ctx->displayMainMenu(ctx.player)));
items.addAll(>new MenuEntry(e.toItem(), ctx->displayBan(ctx.player, e))).collect(Collectors.toList()));
items.add(new MenuEntry(new DisplayStackGen(Items.water_bucket).name("New ban entry").gen(), ctx->{BanEntry e=new BanEntry(); displayBan(ctx.player, e); BanList.INSTANCE.addBan(e);}));
items.add(new MenuEntry(new DisplayStackGen(Items.chest).name("Save ban list").gen(), ctx->{;}));
items.add(new MenuEntry(new DisplayStackGen(Blocks.chest).name("Save ban list").gen(), ctx->{;}));
new InventoryMenu("Banned Items", player, items).display();
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